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Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans offer coverage identical to Original Medicare with added benefits such as dental, vision, hearing , and more.
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Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement Plans, or Medigap, work with Original Medicare to lower out-of-pocket costs. Medigap Plans F, G, and N are the most popular.
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Prescription Drug (RX) Plans

Prescription Drug Plans, or Medicare
Part D, cover medically necessary medication — something not covered by Original Medicare.
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Are you turning 65?

Our highly trained Medicare specialists are ready to answer your questions.

Are you overwhelmed with upcoming Medicare decisions? Our 45-min Online Medicare Workshop will teach you the common Medicare mistakes and how you can choose the perfect plan for your healthcare needs.

What you will learn:

  • Learn how & when to enroll into Medicare
  • Learn how to avoid costly Medicare Penalties
  • Learn the good and bad with Medicare Advantage and how to choose a plan that covers your doctors and prescriptions
  • Learn about the 10 Supplement Plans, which plans provide the most value, and how to choose a plan to cover your needs
  • Get Unbiased Pros and Cons of all your Medicare options
  • Learn about the 25+ RX Prescription Drugs Plans and how to lower drugs costs
  • Bonus: Live Q&A session!

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"John Becker is the first Financial Advisor that actually has my best interest at heart. He understands my goals and has actively worked to ensure that my retirement plans are working for me. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and dedication, and trust that he will continue to provide excellent service in the future."

Natalie Goldberg

"We met with John at a meet and greet at a restaurant, where he went over the the basic steps to enroll in medicare, and also discussed the different options available. I had some specific needs and circumstances, that needed to combined for the most effective coverage. I met with John twice at our house, to go through the different options, along with some phone calls to different providers, to get me the best and most economical coverage. John was willing and able to dig into the different coverages, and contact the different companies for the most beneficial plan for us."

Andy Ward

"Matt helped my parents find a peace of mind after they thought their Medicare plan costs were going to triple and they felt stuck with the bill forever. He took the time they needed to thoroughly explain a path out and a better plan that allowed them to keep what they liked about their former plan without the inflated costs. It is well worth your time to get his help and you are in good hands!"

Andy D

Matt helped me navigate the complicated nature of choosing coverage to accompany Medicare. He investigated and informed so I could choose from various options. Thank you Matt, for helping me spend wisely in this essential healthcare need!

Cindy Stark

"As a retired couple, we watched our health insurance rates steadily rising so we decided to pursue a company that could provide us with comparable coverage at a lower rate. A trusted family friend referred Matt to us. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with him. Friendly, and easy going, he listened carefully to our wants and needs and articulated in understandable terms what was available to us. We never felt pressured but did feel his sincerity in helping us find what we wanted. In a timely manner, Matt presented us with several choices. As a result, we made a decision. Not only did we get a great policy but our savings were huge!!!"

Mike and Judy Y

"Matt Buchan was was very helpful, friendly, and professional as he helped guide us through our medicare options, focusing on our specific needs for the least possible cost. He was not pushy and had great follow through on his commitments to us.. We have enjoyed working with him."

Chris W